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What Is Test Tagging?

Test tagging is a procedure that assesses the safety of electrical equipment at your premises. Without it, you, your colleagues and customers could be at risk. It involves inspecting electrical equipment, applying labeling and creating records to indicate that a professional appliance test has been performed.


Why It Needs To Be Done

The WHS regulations say that any equipment used in a “high-risk operating environment” in which prolonged operating conditions may result in damage to persons or property must be tested and tagged under regular AS/NZ 3760. In practice, this means that it is mandatory for all businesses and other places of work to get their equipment regularly tested. Failing to do so is against the law.


What Our Test Tagging Service Offers

At Caslec, we work closely with you to carry out electrical safety testing in your business. We test all relevant equipment and have specialist computers, printers, labeling and software required for the testing process.

As a valued customer, you’ll receive a dedicated report, detailing any testing we carry out on your premises which you can keep for your records. By law, you are required to keep any records of electrical safety testing either until you get a new test report for an appliance, or the appliance is taken out of service.


How Regularly Do You Need To Carry Out Electrical Safety Testing?

Because every place of work is different, the frequency of electrical testing depends on what you do. If you are an office-based business and all your equipment is fixed, then you may only have to get your equipment tested every five years or so. If, however, you use higher risk equipment, including portable appliances like laptops, power supplies and power board where flexing wires are a normal part of operation, your business will require testing every 12 months. High-risk environments include kitchens, warehouses, and factory floors.

In some extremely hostile environments, like workshops, you may have to have test tagging on a 6-monthly basis. You can check the frequency with which you need to test equipment by consulting AS/NZS 3760:2010.


Why Is Test Tagging Necessary?

Test tagging is necessary to ensure the safety of people working at your premises. Faulty electrical equipment can lead to electric shocks which, in turn, could open you up to legal action. Our electrical testing services ensure that you meet Australia’s rigorous test and tag regulations. We will help ensure that your firm is OH&S compliant.

Test tagging is also an excellent way to prevent fire at your premises. A leading cause of fire is faulty electrical equipment, and so having equipment regularly checked reduces your business’s risk exposure. Our electrical testing service identifies problematic appliances and eliminates the threat.


When Do You Need To Do Test Tagging?

There’s no time like the present to get test tagging done. Our test tagging service applies to extension leads, power cables, electrical appliances, power tools, microwaves and much, much more.

If a device is found to be faulty, don’t worry, we can repair the device, usually on-site.

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