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Powerpoints with USB Charging

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Commercial Electricians Sydney Advice:

How many devices do you or your employees use daily that relies on USB chargers??

Tablets, phones, cameras, game consoles, the list goes on.

Don’t let those bulky USB adapters clatter your outlet space. Install a power outlet with USB ports at your business instead.

These are now a standard thing in new houses and commercial spaces and are becoming more and more popular. It’s easy to install them by swapping over with existing powerpoint.

Most of the companies use at least a couple of smartphones or tablets. Not to mention any of the following devices we often use in our households: fitness trackers, Go-Pro, bike computers etc. That is definitely enough to cause a messy tangle of wires and overload powerpoint, which drives all of us crazy.

Thankfully, wall-mounted USB powerpoints are available in most of the electrical stores and have become standard installs in commercial and residential properties in Sydney.

When planning your property’s electrical system, think about installing USB powerpoints around as a charging stations. It will save you moving devices around. Ideal locations are your kitchen, living room or home office.

Installing a new USB power point or replacing an existing one requires professional help. In industrial buildings, you need fully licensed commercial electricians to do this for you.

Caslec Commercial Electricians Sydney is licensed and bonded to carry out any type of commercial electrical work in Sydney Metropolitan area.

Our commercial electricians will get the job done quickly and in the right way.

If you would like to get a quote, contact Commercial Electricians Sydney.

We are looking forward to discussing the specifics of your business electrical system.

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