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Main causes of power outages

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No matter where you are, power outages can happen anytime. That’s why in today’s blog, commercial electricians from Caslec would like to point out some major causes of electricity failures and who you should contact when such event occurs.

Nothing brings the household together quite like an unexpected electricity outage. While playing games or eating dinner under candlelights can be fun for children, power faults are no joke.

Electricity power outages usually occur without any warning and can be stressful if you don’t know the proper steps to getting out of the dark. To make things easier for you, we prepared this article, so you will know what to do when the power is out.

Common causes of power outages

  • Weather

Sydney’s weather can be a real problem when high winds or flying debris damage power lines. Torrential rains and flooding can also damage electrical infrastructure.

  • Spikes

A temporary increase in the power supply voltage can result in an electricity outage. These are usually caused by lightning strikes, tripped circuit breakers or short circuits.

  • Vehicle

Motoring accidents resulting in broken poles or causing power lines to touch can lead to an outage.

  • Bushfires

For the safety reasons, electricity supplies are often disconnected in bushfire emergency.

What you should do if there is a power outage

When the power goes out, calling your retailer might be your first thought. While your retailers sell electricity to homes and businesses across the country, they are purchasing it from the commercial power distributing companies. These companies own and operate the poles, wires, etc, so they are responsible for their maintenance.

Your retailer will usually help you to get in touch with the right people to get your electricity back; they actually can’t do as much as distributors.

Alternatively, during an outage, they can provide you with information about when the power should be switched back on.

If the outage is widespread, the phone lines could be busy with many people calling for information. In this case, electricity distributing companies often prepare pre-recorded messages offering updates on the situation.

However, if you still have any concerns regarding power outages, commercial electricians from Caslec are located in Sydney and happy to put you through with the right people!

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