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Power factor correction

Posted on under Installations

Power Factor Correction is an increasingly important tool in the effort to help large power consumers like factories save on electricity bills.

To increase your energy savings rate commercial electricians from Caslec would like to assist you with the installation and maintenance of Power Factor Correction units.

If your installation has poor power factor, your company’s electricity bills can be too high. A Power Factor Correction unit (PFC) can save you a lot of money by correcting this low power factor.

For commercial or industrial premises, particularly those with many inductive loads such as motors, pumps, inductive lighting or where the installation has low power factor – Caslec is here to help.

Our team of experts can use a Power Analyser to check your power factor, then design a Power Factor Correction unit with the appropriately sized capacitor steps to correct your power factor as close as possible to unity power factor, meaning you will pay less for electricity. The best news is that many of these power factor correction units can be paid for with the savings generated on your electricity bill, meaning you are not out of your pocket for the installation.

Contact Caslec commercial electricians from Sydney and discuss your Power Factor Correction solution.

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