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Top 4 Reasons Your Breaker Keeps Tripping

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Commercial Electricians Sydney Advise:

You are sitting comfortably on the sofa, watching your favourite show, the BANG – your power goes off. There is a good chance you tripped a circuit breaker.

Electrical issues are one of those things tend to make everyone in your household go crazy. You have no idea what’s wrong, but suddenly you’ve lost access to the power you depend on in your Sydney  home.

There are many reasons why a breaker can trip, but the four causes listed below are those that Commercial Electricians Sydney address the most often during their repairs.

  • Overloads

They are the most common reason for a breaker’s trip. This essentially means you’ve got too many appliances loaded on the breaker. Each of them has a “safe limit”  of power to supply to your electrical devices in your home. If this is exceeded, the breaker will trip. You will see this happen most often when you try to plug in a new appliance where your electrical system can’t support it or it’s a very high power device like a space heater.

  • Short circuit

This happens when an active wire comes into contact with other hot wires. You will usually notice blackening around your socket or smell burnt cables as well. If you can notice above symptoms DON’T try to fix it yourself. Contact a professional straight away

  • Appliance failure

Appliance failure leads to overloading, as an incompatible or faulty device can draw more power than it should. When your breaker trips, it’s wise to check all of the appliances related to the breaker. If any of them is hotter than usual, the problem might lay within a specific device, not the outlet.

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When Your Motion Lights Won’t Turn Off

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Commercial Electricians Sydney Advice:

Installing security lights is a great way of protecting your household, business from potential intruders. Everything is efficient as long as it works  correctly, but when the problems occur they obviously don’t seem so appealing. Some of them can be fixed without electrician’s help. However, when it comes to industrial spaces we recommend contacting Caslec, commercial electricians in Sydney.

Lights Stay On

Security lights with a motion sensor are supposed to come on only when they detect movement. But sometimes they remain on all the time. In most of the cases, it’s caused by a spike in current, although you may have to deal with a recurring issue.

The best way to assess the problem is to check if something has been changed. Maybe something is constantly moving in front of the sensor on the security lights. If not, try to turn the lights off at the breaker for approximately a minute. See if the security light has gone off and then turn the breaker back on. The light will reappear but should switch off after a few minutes.

Over Sensitivity

If the motion sensor lights keep coming on for every passing thing, you have to adjust the sensitivity or change the direction of the sensor to fix the issue. Also, double check if the light has a proper view of the area it’s covering.

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Television Antenna’s (MATV Systems)

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Caslec staff are trained & accredited to install MATV & Multi Occupancy Television Systems. Enjoy the reliability & high vision standard of a professionally installed & engineered antenna system into your office tenancy, high rise apartment building or factory offices.

With the constantly released new digital high definition TV’s systems install only upgraded digital antenna & cabling systems in you premises. Arrange for a Caslec engineered system that will satisfy your personal, Strata or business requirements for many years to come.

Variable Speed Electric Motor Drives (VS Drives)

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Electricity costs can be reduced and the life can be extended on electric motors when fitted with VS drives. As an example, all modern air conditioning compressor motors are now fitted with VS drives which significantly improve the operation of air conditioning system and reduce power costs.

However there are many machines & electric motors within industry that would benefit from the replacement of existing electric motor starting & running equipment if fitted with a VS Drive. The operation of the machines would improve, electricity power consumption would be lowered significantly depending on the operation of the machine and there would be other mechanical improvements such as lower maintenance costs.

VS drives are well proven & reliable industrial electronic devices that certainly pay for themselves over time.

New Rules on Fluorescent Lamps

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The Federal Governments wants everyone to reduce energy usage & improve sustainability & toward that effort, costly recycling of fluorescent lamps will become compulsory with a few years due to the Mercury content in fluorescent lamps.

As well, customers will benefit from reduced power consumption and cost savings by replacing standard 36 watt fluro tubes with 16 Watt LED tubes. LED tubes have a very long lasting rated life of 40,000 hours as opposed to fluro tubes with 12,000 -15000 hours. Reduced maintenance costs are also a big benefit. Very importantly there is no Mercury content in LED lamps as there is in fluro lamps.

Lots of things are happening with new lighting technology. Call Caslec on +61 2 9604 4488 for further details.

New led Lighting Systems

Posted on under General News

LED lighting systems are the new kids on the block & they are growing up. In specific areas, LED systems offer long life, lower electricity costs with low maintenance & no Mercury content as in fluro lamps. They can provide a magnificent illumination impact & an improved image with beautiful colours as well.

As a further example of what is happening with LED lighting technology, & as confirmation of their reliability, check out all the new LED traffic lights that are currently being installed Australia wide. State governments are using this technology due to the proven benefits as noted above.

As another example, the management of the USA Walmart retail conglomerate involving thousands of retail shops across the USA have already replaced their existing high voltage Neon signage with the latest low voltage LED signage. This massive retail network will enjoy substantial cost savings & an improved image to all their outlets.

It’s all happening with LED Technology.

Halogen Downlights – Safety Alert

Posted on under General News, Installations

The usual & very popular 50 Watt Halogen lights are no longer sold in Australia due to the number of fires caused in the ceilings of homes as a result of the heat that is produce from each lamp. Minimise the cause of such fires by installing heat shields over each fixture.
Alternatively, replace those light fixtures with the new technology, LED fixtures. LED’s will reduce the heat that is generated from Halogen downlights & at the same time reduce your power costs.

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