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Type of cabling you might need for your business

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For those who aren’t interested in the subject, cables are cables, but there is a distinct difference between electrical cabling which runs electrical current and communication cables that include all types of Data Cabling. Other common names for Data Cabling are Network Cabling and Data Network Cabling.

Commercial Data Cabling which is basically the same as Commercial Network Cabling refers to industries in which Communication Cabling is commonly used.

Data Cables are usually made of copper or optical fibre. Each of them has the capability to serve both data and communications, but each has varying strengths and purposes, for example, Telephone Cabling.

When Data Cabling is arranged in a certain fashion it is known as Structured Data Cabling or just Structure Cabling.

Structured Cabling design and installation is managed by a set of standards that specify the wiring of data centres, shops, offices, factories, schools, residential buildings etc for data or voice communications using various types and categories of data cabling with modular connectors. These standards describe how to display data cables in different typologies in order to meet the needs of the customer, typically using a central patch panel from which each modular connection can be used as required. Each outlet is then fixed into a network switch for data network use or into an IP or Private Box Exchange telephone system panel.

Wireless networks extend data and communications cabling beyond the physical range of data cables.

Our experts from Caslec in Sydney are qualified to service all kinds of Data Cabling and Electrical Cabling in accordance with all Electrical, Data and Telecommunications standards, which not all Electricians or Electrical Contractors are qualified to do so.

We are looking forward to discussing the specifics of your business electrical system

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What’s involved in Energy Audit Report?

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A comprehensive Energy Audit Report obtained by Caslec Industrial Electricians is an in-depth study into power consumption within your company premises.

Scope of Work:

·        Applying a data logger to the main switchboard for approximately 7 days, monitoring power, lighting and air conditioning system which measures and records the amps, voltages and harmonics being drawn from each circuit.

·        Entering every room throughout the premises to count all electrical equipment.

·        Identifying sub-boards and whether they require further data logging to measure accuracy.

·        Producing a graphical interpretation of the monitored results.

·        Formal presentation of the results and assistance in the implementation if required.

Energy Audit covers power, lighting, air conditioning and all other circuits that are used in your company buildings. Monitoring the power consumption over a week or longer will identify peak usage periods, highlight wastage, such as consumption in the evenings and weekends as well as inefficiency through load balance.

Have a look at some of our most common findings, our easy solutions and some more complexed ones.

Are you sure that your timers and sensors are working correctly? Did you know that due to power outages or human intervention they might not be working at all??

It’s time to check it.

On many occasions we have found hot water urns left on boil 24 hours a day, 7 days a week…wasting a huge amount of energy. Newer models are already programmed to turn off during out of hours or retrograde a timer onto older units.

Implementing energy saving company policies is an easy solution that saves a lot of money. Also, timers and sensors on lighting to ensure only security lighting system is left on when the building is not in use or upgrading older equipment to newer, more energy efficient products.

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Electricity for your business. What’s the cost?

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We all know that with consistent growth of inflation it’s becoming predictable that the electricity prices will eventually go up too.

If we look at the trend for the last decade in New South Wales, the increments aren’t slight either.

Price rises in electricity are inevitably met with dissatisfaction, especially in the domestic market where home budgets are smaller and the impact is applied more directly.

However, for commercial and industrial businesses it generally has a ‘knock-on effect’, usually by increasing prices for trade partners or consumers which in turn cycles back to increase inflation again. Otherwise, it becomes a loss in revenue for the company which may result in loss of jobs.

In this case, the argument for investment in energy efficiency is clearly stronger than ever:

·        We live in times of constant climate changes and environmental sensitivity.

·        There are the financial and potential productivity gains made from running a more efficient electrical system, which will invariably differ from company to company.

·        With the big potential ROI of between 3 months to 12 months, such an investment has the ability to pay dividends fast.

·        Investing in power optimisation will directly strengthen your local and national economy.

( Check out our older post about the first fully solar powered Airport in the world)

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LED Installation Issues

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I have noted an article described as an advertorial in the 2016 July – August NECA NEWS (page 13)  regarding LED Power Supplies which I believe is a very important article for commercial electricians in Sydney to understand and take important care in choosing LED lighting fixtures & associated controls.

In particular, it is very important for the LED fixtures & controls to have been approved by the Australian Standards to ensure that imported products are suitable for installation within Australia. Otherwise, various products suitable for other countries may cause early expensive failures of the light fixtures and the controls connected to the LED circuits.

Apart from providing electrical installations, Caslec also provides electrical maintenance services and recently a Caslec service technician was required to attend a large new LED lighting installation installed by another contractor who was having technical issues. Commercial electricians from Caslec in Sydney observed that the LED lighting installation & the general installation equipment and distribution switchboards were of a high standard, however, there were issues with circuit breakers tripping and several failed contactors at the lighting distribution switchboard.

Various tests were performed & it was concluded that the electronic drivers were permitting considerable inrush currents as can be seen within this particular graphic image, over a page. One 60 Watt LED light fixture was producing an inrush current of 39 Amps. This may only be for a minimal period however when there are a number of light fixtures connected to the circuit, as in this case, the inrush current is considerable, particularly at the maximum level of the switching cycle. One of the commercial electricians from Caslec created a graph that clearly displays the level of start current that is drawn by a single light fixture during start up. As an example, 10 light fixtures on one circuit will certainly strain any normal lighting circuit including the controls, even during a minimal section of a single cycle.

The light fixture drivers external to the light fixtures were not approved for Australian installations resulting in costly replacements, even though the LED fixture itself is certainly of high quality. LED’s are the new lighting technology that is being embraced by almost everyone in Australia but they are not simple incandescent globes or fluorescent lamps. LED’s emit light but are grouped with other electronic components & devices, including additional controls that are associated with these devices.

The controls have to relate to the LED’s and the actual incoming power supplies within Australia & conform to Australian Standards.

For more information, contact commercial electricians from Caslec.

Knowledge is power – electrical safety

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In today’s blog, we would like to discuss electrical safety in your workplace. As the commercial electricians company in Sydney, the safe work environment is the priority for us. So we would like to give you a couple of tips that could protect you and your staff from potential electrical hazards.

If you are working on electrical circuits or with electrical equipment, you need to follow some golden safety rules.

Commercial Electricians in Sydney Safety Tips

  • Stay away from energised electrical circuits.

Sounds obvious yes! But if something bad happens you probably won’t get a second chance.

  • Think about electrical devices as if they were live or energised
  • Make sure you always disconnect the power source before servicing or repairing any electrical device
  • Use only equipment with non-conducting handles
  • Don’t use metallic rulers or pencils.
  • Take off rings, watches etc when working with electrical devices. Unfortunately, this rule is quite easy to forget.
  • If it’s necessary to handle some plugged in equipment, make sure your hands are dry and if possible wear protective clothes
  • If possible, work with one hand only.

Have you ever read about current passing through human body??

Here’s more info:

  • Try not to use electrical equipment in cold rooms or other areas where condensation is likely.
  • If water or a chemical is spilt onto equipment, shut off power at the main switch
  • If someone comes in contact with a live electrical conductor, don’t touch the equipment or the person.
  • Devices that produce a “tingle” should be reported for repair
  • Drain capacitors before working near them and keep the short circuit on the terminals to prevent electrical shock
  • Don’t touch another’s person equipment unless instructed to do so
  • Secure all electric contacts and conductors so no one can accidentally get in contact with them
  • Don’t handle electrical equipment when your body is wet or when standing on a wet floor
  • If it’s necessary to touch electrical equipment use the back of your hand. To avoid “freezing” to the conductor
  • Don’t keep highly flammable liquids near electrical equipment

And for the end please have a look at a typical example of ignorance when it comes to basic electrical safety

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First completely solar powered airport in the world

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Commercial Electricians Curiosities

Cochin International is the fourth busiest airport in India and the first in the world that runs solely on solar power. It became totally energy self-sufficient in August last year.

In today’s blog, we would like to give you some more details about this great project and how it is holding up.

According to BBC News, the 1.300-acre airport collects energy from a field with over 45,000 solar panels for daily operation. The field produces enough energy to provide electricity for 10,000 homes for one year. The project took six months and cost $9.5 million, but many other airports all over the world expressed interest in copying the model.

So it all seems amazing, but how about the new challenge? 

Cochin International Airport wants to open a new terminal that exceeds the current plant capacity.

It may seem like this infrastructure is getting way too big for its britches, taking millions of dollars and trying to keep pace with strict timetables. However, the Indian Prime Minister is just about to boost his country’s solar capacity to 100,000 megawatts in the coming up years.

Using alternative energy options in transportation is becoming more common. Nowadays, big airlines are toying with biofuels to run their jets.

With Cochin International Airport, we can see a great example of how serious the governments become about getting greener. Apparently, enormous power bills are the most important reason of these ideas.

It’s encouraging to see emerging markets like India invest in solar energy, though, despite the clear problems of expanding an expensive, energy-efficient infrastructure in a short period of time. We’ll have to wait and see what happens – not just in India, but in other countries all over the world.

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Energy efficient company buildings – Caslec Commercial Electricians

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As a leading commercial electricians company in Sydney, we would like to come up with weekly advice on how to make your business a better place to work for you and your employees.

Industrial properties in Sydney are one of the main electrical energy consumers in Australia. Heating, lighting, and office equipment use large amounts of energy. However, in today’s article, we would like to give you a range of steps companies can take to make their buildings more energy efficient.

  • Industrial properties should have energy management plans that regulate the use of lighting, cooling and heating. The energy saving strategy should include optimising the usage of appliances to minimise costs while meeting the needs of tenants.
  • Energy efficient lighting should be installed together with control sensors used to ensure that lights are on only when they need to be. The interior design of industrial buildings should favour the daylight over artificial one.
  • Server rooms should be cooled efficiently with fans or located off-site.
  • Offices also should be equipped with energy efficient devices. Old copiers and computers should be replaced with power saving modern alternatives wherever it’s possible.

Studies done by Caslec Commercial Electricians show that also employees are happier and more efficient when working in a healthy office environment.

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Find good industrial electricians in Sydney

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I’m sure the idea of finding a decent industrial electrician must stress you out and you have no clue where to start from. It can be quite time-consuming as well. Commercial electricians who specialize in this field develop a different set of skills over time so general household electrical work can sometimes take time for them to adapt to.

Keep it in mind that industrial electricians in Sydney work on building sites, house and land developments or in high-rise construction. The situations which they face every day are totally different to those that may occur in a general household. So it’s good to understand their skills before you decide to choose one.

Industrial electricians have a quite exciting profession as in commercial field they are often challenged to find new creative solutions to problems that arise on-site. Whereas general house wiring is in most of the cases quite straightforward process.

In today’s article, we would like you to pay attention to some characteristics that are important when looking for a good industrial electrician in Sydney.

  • A good industrial electrician should be able to adapt to problems as they occur. They work in an environment that is based on constant change. Sometimes it’s hard to work with creative architects and designers who seem to be often changing their mind at the last moment. For example changing the areas of electrical fittings.
  • Clients have high expectations that must be met, no matter how unreasonable they sound, good industrial electricians will maintain composure and be able to come up with a solution fast and instill a sense of confidence in the client.
  • In a commercial environment, there are many different providers working side-by-side so good industrial electricians in Sydney need to be able to communicate effectively across a wide range of trades and professions.  
  • A good presentation is also very important because clients expect professionals to always look appropriate. Also, a friendly and helpful attitude is well perceived.
  • Previous experience is also an important characteristic of good industrial electricians. As mentioned above, many specialist tasks require specific knowledge and a construction site is an evident spot for it.
  • Versatility is the final factor we would like to mention. The best industrial electricians are adaptable and capable of moving between, for example, new factory installation and high rise building site all on the same day.

As you can see good industrial electricians need a broad set of skills and experience all in one package that every client desires.

If you would like to get a quote, contact Commercial Electricians Sydney.

We are looking forward to discussing the specifics of your business electrical system.

Is your factory underpowered?

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Is your business expanding to the point where you require more power into your premises? Caslec regularly witnesses the problems associated with insufficient power supply. Too often we see businesses struggle through operation with an insufficient power supplying their premises, causing tripping circuit breakers, overheating switchgear, switchboards and cabling resulting in costly repairs. By investing in a supply upgrade or new substation, you will be able to decrease downtime and increase productivity which will have a positive impact on your business bottom line.

To increase your productivity, get our Level 2 service provider assistance. Caslec Level 2 Accredited Service Providers will examine the electricity intensive equipment you are running and report to you with an assessment of the extra power requirements that your business needs to maintain operations. Caslec is qualified to calculate your power requirements and what will be the necessary upgrades to your electricity infrastructure. We will make an assessment of your existing cable or overhead line to determine if it is able to carry the increased power and also whether it is available from the local network.  

By investing in a supply upgrade or new substation, you will be able to decrease downtime and increase productivity which will have a positive impact on your business bottom line. To increase your productivity, Contact our Level 2 service provider.

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Powerpoints with USB Charging

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Commercial Electricians Sydney Advice:

How many devices do you or your employees use daily that relies on USB chargers??

Tablets, phones, cameras, game consoles, the list goes on.

Don’t let those bulky USB adapters clatter your outlet space. Install a power outlet with USB ports at your business instead.

These are now a standard thing in new houses and commercial spaces and are becoming more and more popular. It’s easy to install them by swapping over with existing powerpoint.

Most of the companies use at least a couple of smartphones or tablets. Not to mention any of the following devices we often use in our households: fitness trackers, Go-Pro, bike computers etc. That is definitely enough to cause a messy tangle of wires and overload powerpoint, which drives all of us crazy.

Thankfully, wall-mounted USB powerpoints are available in most of the electrical stores and have become standard installs in commercial and residential properties in Sydney.

When planning your property’s electrical system, think about installing USB powerpoints around as a charging stations. It will save you moving devices around. Ideal locations are your kitchen, living room or home office.

Installing a new USB power point or replacing an existing one requires professional help. In industrial buildings, you need fully licensed commercial electricians to do this for you.

Caslec Commercial Electricians Sydney is licensed and bonded to carry out any type of commercial electrical work in Sydney Metropolitan area.

Our commercial electricians will get the job done quickly and in the right way.

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