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New led Lighting Systems

Posted on under General News

LED lighting systems are the new kids on the block & they are growing up. In specific areas, LED systems offer long life, lower electricity costs with low maintenance & no Mercury content as in fluro lamps. They can provide a magnificent illumination impact & an improved image with beautiful colours as well.

As a further example of what is happening with LED lighting technology, & as confirmation of their reliability, check out all the new LED traffic lights that are currently being installed Australia wide. State governments are using this technology due to the proven benefits as noted above.

As another example, the management of the USA Walmart retail conglomerate involving thousands of retail shops across the USA have already replaced their existing high voltage Neon signage with the latest low voltage LED signage. This massive retail network will enjoy substantial cost savings & an improved image to all their outlets.

It’s all happening with LED Technology.

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