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Metering for your business

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Before you start using electricity on your business premises, it needs to be metered in order to monitor usage and record consumption. Metering equipment can be purchased from the relevant supply authority like Ausgrid and Endeavour Energy and is installed at standard locations. The meter box on the side of your house or the main switch room in a high density residential or commercial premises are common locations for this sort of device.

Caslec Level 2 services provides metering services for a vast number of situations including switchboard upgrades, three phase upgrades, new installations, temporary builder’s services and supply separation.

Our services also include multi-residential properties and high-density retail developments across Sydney.

With many years of experience, Caslec level 2 service provider has secured and completed metering contract projects for many businesses in Sydney.

Commercial and industrial properties have a way bigger demand for electricity than your average domestic installation. As a result, large industrial switchboards are utilised and in turn, alternate methods. Caslec is proficient in providing metering services for facilities up to 400A for permanent and temporary supplies.

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