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What’s the difference between an industrial & a commercial electrician?

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What is an industrial electrician?

Industrial electricians are highly skilled specialists who are trained to install, maintain and repair electrical and data & communications systems for manufacturing and production facilities, power plants and other large industrial projects. Their role requires them to ensure the safety and efficiency of large electrical systems and maintain and repair complex equipment, such as industrial motors, fans and control systems.

Industrial electricians are called in at the construction phase of any industrial facility, to install and test new equipment and systems to ensure they meet the relevant regulations and standards. At Caslec, our industrial electricians are regularly re-trained and tested in order to meet the demands of an industrial landscape where the technology and related standards are always evolving. This includes our ability to design and install a Programmable Logic Control System that incorporates Variable Speed Drives and Soft Starters to suit any industry’s processes and drive greater efficiency.


What is a commercial electrician?

A commercial electrician installs, maintains, repairs and tests electrical and communication systems in businesses or public facilities such as hospitals, schools, shopping centres, restaurants and retail outlets, to name just a few. Fundamentally, commercial electricians are responsible for wiring the instruments that control the power, lighting, heating, air conditioning and refrigeration units in commercial buildings.

At Caslec, our commercial electricians are highly qualified in working with security and communications systems, the installation of commercial lighting, including energy efficient options such as LED, and the installation, testing and inspection of commercial/workplace electrical equipment so it meets Australian Standards.

Like an industrial electrician, commercial electricians are called in at the installation phase of new buildings and commercial projects. At Caslec, our commercial electricians work with you to determine the best electrical and lighting solution for your business or project, ensuring that you are provided with the highest standards of safety and efficiency.

Most importantly, whether you’re an industrial or commercial business, government workplace health & safety regulations require you to have your electrical equipment tested on a regular basis. Call Caslec on 1300 659 273 to book your industrial or commercial Test Tagging today.

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