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Electricity for your business. What’s the cost?

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We all know that with consistent growth of inflation it’s becoming predictable that the electricity prices will eventually go up too.

If we look at the trend for the last decade in New South Wales, the increments aren’t slight either.

Price rises in electricity are inevitably met with dissatisfaction, especially in the domestic market where home budgets are smaller and the impact is applied more directly.

However, for commercial and industrial businesses it generally has a ‘knock-on effect’, usually by increasing prices for trade partners or consumers which in turn cycles back to increase inflation again. Otherwise, it becomes a loss in revenue for the company which may result in loss of jobs.

In this case, the argument for investment in energy efficiency is clearly stronger than ever:

·        We live in times of constant climate changes and environmental sensitivity.

·        There are the financial and potential productivity gains made from running a more efficient electrical system, which will invariably differ from company to company.

·        With the big potential ROI of between 3 months to 12 months, such an investment has the ability to pay dividends fast.

·        Investing in power optimisation will directly strengthen your local and national economy.

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Would you like to switch to the more efficient electrical system for your business?

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