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Energy efficient company buildings – Caslec Commercial Electricians

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As a leading commercial electricians company in Sydney, we would like to come up with weekly advice on how to make your business a better place to work for you and your employees.

Industrial properties in Sydney are one of the main electrical energy consumers in Australia. Heating, lighting, and office equipment use large amounts of energy. However, in today’s article, we would like to give you a range of steps companies can take to make their buildings more energy efficient.

  • Industrial properties should have energy management plans that regulate the use of lighting, cooling and heating. The energy saving strategy should include optimising the usage of appliances to minimise costs while meeting the needs of tenants.
  • Energy efficient lighting should be installed together with control sensors used to ensure that lights are on only when they need to be. The interior design of industrial buildings should favour the daylight over artificial one.
  • Server rooms should be cooled efficiently with fans or located off-site.
  • Offices also should be equipped with energy efficient devices. Old copiers and computers should be replaced with power saving modern alternatives wherever it’s possible.

Studies done by Caslec Commercial Electricians show that also employees are happier and more efficient when working in a healthy office environment.

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