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Top 4 Reasons Your Breaker Keeps Tripping

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Commercial Electricians Sydney Advise:

You are sitting comfortably on the sofa, watching your favourite show, the BANG – your power goes off. There is a good chance you tripped a circuit breaker.

Electrical issues are one of those things tend to make everyone in your household go crazy. You have no idea what’s wrong, but suddenly you’ve lost access to the power you depend on in your Sydney  home.

There are many reasons why a breaker can trip, but the four causes listed below are those that Commercial Electricians Sydney address the most often during their repairs.

  • Overloads

They are the most common reason for a breaker’s trip. This essentially means you’ve got too many appliances loaded on the breaker. Each of them has a “safe limit”  of power to supply to your electrical devices in your home. If this is exceeded, the breaker will trip. You will see this happen most often when you try to plug in a new appliance where your electrical system can’t support it or it’s a very high power device like a space heater.

  • Short circuit

This happens when an active wire comes into contact with other hot wires. You will usually notice blackening around your socket or smell burnt cables as well. If you can notice above symptoms DON’T try to fix it yourself. Contact a professional straight away

  • Appliance failure

Appliance failure leads to overloading, as an incompatible or faulty device can draw more power than it should. When your breaker trips, it’s wise to check all of the appliances related to the breaker. If any of them is hotter than usual, the problem might lay within a specific device, not the outlet.

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