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What’s the difference between an industrial & a commercial electrician?

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What is an industrial electrician?

Industrial electricians are highly skilled specialists who are trained to install, maintain and repair electrical and data & communications systems for manufacturing and production facilities, power plants and other large industrial projects. Their role requires them to ensure the safety and efficiency of large electrical systems and maintain and repair complex equipment, such as industrial motors, fans and control systems.

Industrial electricians are called in at the construction phase of any industrial facility, to install and test new equipment and systems to ensure they meet the relevant regulations and standards. At Caslec, our industrial electricians are regularly re-trained and tested in order to meet the demands of an industrial landscape where the technology and related standards are always evolving. This includes our ability to design and install a Programmable Logic Control System that incorporates Variable Speed Drives and Soft Starters to suit any industry’s processes and drive greater efficiency.


What is a commercial electrician?

A commercial electrician installs, maintains, repairs and tests electrical and communication systems in businesses or public facilities such as hospitals, schools, shopping centres, restaurants and retail outlets, to name just a few. Fundamentally, commercial electricians are responsible for wiring the instruments that control the power, lighting, heating, air conditioning and refrigeration units in commercial buildings.

At Caslec, our commercial electricians are highly qualified in working with security and communications systems, the installation of commercial lighting, including energy efficient options such as LED, and the installation, testing and inspection of commercial/workplace electrical equipment so it meets Australian Standards.

Like an industrial electrician, commercial electricians are called in at the installation phase of new buildings and commercial projects. At Caslec, our commercial electricians work with you to determine the best electrical and lighting solution for your business or project, ensuring that you are provided with the highest standards of safety and efficiency.

Most importantly, whether you’re an industrial or commercial business, government workplace health & safety regulations require you to have your electrical equipment tested on a regular basis. Call Caslec on 1300 659 273 to book your industrial or commercial Test Tagging today.

Power factor correction

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Power Factor Correction is an increasingly important tool in the effort to help large power consumers like factories save on electricity bills.

To increase your energy savings rate commercial electricians from Caslec would like to assist you with the installation and maintenance of Power Factor Correction units.

If your installation has poor power factor, your company’s electricity bills can be too high. A Power Factor Correction unit (PFC) can save you a lot of money by correcting this low power factor.

For commercial or industrial premises, particularly those with many inductive loads such as motors, pumps, inductive lighting or where the installation has low power factor – Caslec is here to help.

Our team of experts can use a Power Analyser to check your power factor, then design a Power Factor Correction unit with the appropriately sized capacitor steps to correct your power factor as close as possible to unity power factor, meaning you will pay less for electricity. The best news is that many of these power factor correction units can be paid for with the savings generated on your electricity bill, meaning you are not out of your pocket for the installation.

Contact Caslec commercial electricians from Sydney and discuss your Power Factor Correction solution.

Type of cabling you might need for your business

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For those who aren’t interested in the subject, cables are cables, but there is a distinct difference between electrical cabling which runs electrical current and communication cables that include all types of Data Cabling. Other common names for Data Cabling are Network Cabling and Data Network Cabling.

Commercial Data Cabling which is basically the same as Commercial Network Cabling refers to industries in which Communication Cabling is commonly used.

Data Cables are usually made of copper or optical fibre. Each of them has the capability to serve both data and communications, but each has varying strengths and purposes, for example, Telephone Cabling.

When Data Cabling is arranged in a certain fashion it is known as Structured Data Cabling or just Structure Cabling.

Structured Cabling design and installation is managed by a set of standards that specify the wiring of data centres, shops, offices, factories, schools, residential buildings etc for data or voice communications using various types and categories of data cabling with modular connectors. These standards describe how to display data cables in different typologies in order to meet the needs of the customer, typically using a central patch panel from which each modular connection can be used as required. Each outlet is then fixed into a network switch for data network use or into an IP or Private Box Exchange telephone system panel.

Wireless networks extend data and communications cabling beyond the physical range of data cables.

Our experts from Caslec in Sydney are qualified to service all kinds of Data Cabling and Electrical Cabling in accordance with all Electrical, Data and Telecommunications standards, which not all Electricians or Electrical Contractors are qualified to do so.

We are looking forward to discussing the specifics of your business electrical system

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What’s involved in Energy Audit Report?

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A comprehensive Energy Audit Report obtained by Caslec Industrial Electricians is an in-depth study into power consumption within your company premises.

Scope of Work:

·        Applying a data logger to the main switchboard for approximately 7 days, monitoring power, lighting and air conditioning system which measures and records the amps, voltages and harmonics being drawn from each circuit.

·        Entering every room throughout the premises to count all electrical equipment.

·        Identifying sub-boards and whether they require further data logging to measure accuracy.

·        Producing a graphical interpretation of the monitored results.

·        Formal presentation of the results and assistance in the implementation if required.

Energy Audit covers power, lighting, air conditioning and all other circuits that are used in your company buildings. Monitoring the power consumption over a week or longer will identify peak usage periods, highlight wastage, such as consumption in the evenings and weekends as well as inefficiency through load balance.

Have a look at some of our most common findings, our easy solutions and some more complexed ones.

Are you sure that your timers and sensors are working correctly? Did you know that due to power outages or human intervention they might not be working at all??

It’s time to check it.

On many occasions we have found hot water urns left on boil 24 hours a day, 7 days a week…wasting a huge amount of energy. Newer models are already programmed to turn off during out of hours or retrograde a timer onto older units.

Implementing energy saving company policies is an easy solution that saves a lot of money. Also, timers and sensors on lighting to ensure only security lighting system is left on when the building is not in use or upgrading older equipment to newer, more energy efficient products.

For a free assessment of your circumstances contact Caslec Industrial Electricians in Sydney.

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LED Installation Issues

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I have noted an article described as an advertorial in the 2016 July – August NECA NEWS (page 13)  regarding LED Power Supplies which I believe is a very important article for commercial electricians in Sydney to understand and take important care in choosing LED lighting fixtures & associated controls.

In particular, it is very important for the LED fixtures & controls to have been approved by the Australian Standards to ensure that imported products are suitable for installation within Australia. Otherwise, various products suitable for other countries may cause early expensive failures of the light fixtures and the controls connected to the LED circuits.

Apart from providing electrical installations, Caslec also provides electrical maintenance services and recently a Caslec service technician was required to attend a large new LED lighting installation installed by another contractor who was having technical issues. Commercial electricians from Caslec in Sydney observed that the LED lighting installation & the general installation equipment and distribution switchboards were of a high standard, however, there were issues with circuit breakers tripping and several failed contactors at the lighting distribution switchboard.

Various tests were performed & it was concluded that the electronic drivers were permitting considerable inrush currents as can be seen within this particular graphic image, over a page. One 60 Watt LED light fixture was producing an inrush current of 39 Amps. This may only be for a minimal period however when there are a number of light fixtures connected to the circuit, as in this case, the inrush current is considerable, particularly at the maximum level of the switching cycle. One of the commercial electricians from Caslec created a graph that clearly displays the level of start current that is drawn by a single light fixture during start up. As an example, 10 light fixtures on one circuit will certainly strain any normal lighting circuit including the controls, even during a minimal section of a single cycle.

The light fixture drivers external to the light fixtures were not approved for Australian installations resulting in costly replacements, even though the LED fixture itself is certainly of high quality. LED’s are the new lighting technology that is being embraced by almost everyone in Australia but they are not simple incandescent globes or fluorescent lamps. LED’s emit light but are grouped with other electronic components & devices, including additional controls that are associated with these devices.

The controls have to relate to the LED’s and the actual incoming power supplies within Australia & conform to Australian Standards.

For more information, contact commercial electricians from Caslec.

New Rules on Fluorescent Lamps

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The Federal Governments wants everyone to reduce energy usage & improve sustainability & toward that effort, costly recycling of fluorescent lamps will become compulsory with a few years due to the Mercury content in fluorescent lamps.

As well, customers will benefit from reduced power consumption and cost savings by replacing standard 36 watt fluro tubes with 16 Watt LED tubes. LED tubes have a very long lasting rated life of 40,000 hours as opposed to fluro tubes with 12,000 -15000 hours. Reduced maintenance costs are also a big benefit. Very importantly there is no Mercury content in LED lamps as there is in fluro lamps.

Lots of things are happening with new lighting technology. Call Caslec on +61 2 9604 4488 for further details.

Halogen Downlights – Safety Alert

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The usual & very popular 50 Watt Halogen lights are no longer sold in Australia due to the number of fires caused in the ceilings of homes as a result of the heat that is produce from each lamp. Minimise the cause of such fires by installing heat shields over each fixture.
Alternatively, replace those light fixtures with the new technology, LED fixtures. LED’s will reduce the heat that is generated from Halogen downlights & at the same time reduce your power costs.

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